The Hunger Games Soundtrack Recording

The Hunger Games - Songs from District 12 and Beyond Cover

The Hunger Games – Songs from District 12 and Beyond Cover

From Nickelodeon screenwriter to International Bestselling author, Suzanne Collins has proved herself to be a force in the writing world. With a slew of awards including the California Young Reader medal and The Hunger Games movie set to premiere this March, she has much to be proud of. Suzanne began her writing career in Children’s television with shows like Clarissa Explains It All and Little Bear, but when she published The Hunger Games trilogy in 2008, she changed the face of the young adult novel. Elegantly written yet painfully real, The Hunger Games were aimed at a younger demographic intentionally to raise awareness about war and spark conversation amongst America’s youth. T Bone Burnett was at the helm for the film’s soundtrack, writing original music, collaborating with Grammy winning artists and musically producing for the much‐anticipated March premiere. Studio’s B and D acted as home base for the project with Jason Wormer and Mike Piersante engineering and Vanessa Parr assisting.