Talented Melody Gardot Makes Music at The Village

Melody Gardot at the village

Melody Gardot, Berlin 2010

Melody Gardot is truly unique. Known for her accomplishments as a singer/songwriter, she also happens to be a Macrobiotic cook, a Buddhist, a fashionista and an advocate for the benefits of music therapy. Melody began writing her own music after a severe accident in 2003 left her hospitalized for a year, but after recovering and playing a gig in Philadelphia in 2005, she was discovered and her career as a singer took off. Ms. Gardot was hard at work in Studio D for several weeks with producer Heitor Pereira, engineer Moogie Canazio, and assistant Scott Smith.

Image from wikimedia commons: Melody Gardot live at the Admiralspalast in Berlin September 2010. Pic taken by Stefanie Meynberg.