Emmy Rossum Sings for a New Album

emmy rossum

Emmy Rossum

Whether you’ve seen her in The Phantom of the Opera, The Day After Tomorrow, or as Fiona Gallagher on Showtimes’s Shameless, there is no doubt that Emmy Rossum is a force to be reckoned with. Not only was she invited to sing with the Met’s famous Children’s Chorus at a very young age but she graduated from Stanford’s gifted program at age 15, attended Columbia University and trained in The New Actor’s Workshop all before she turned 25. She has also sung the National Anthem at a number of famous sporting events most notably The Nascar Nextel Cup Series in 2007. This month, she was in Studio A laying down vocals for an upcoming album. Stuart Brawley produced and engineered and Steve Bone assisted.

Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound

Phil Spector was one of the most prolific musician/songwriter/producers of his time and over the years, he has had an extremely memorable career. From The Ronettes and Ben E. King to The Beatles and Bob Dylan, Spector has worked with the best in the biz and all the while, pioneered the way music was created and heard. His signature technique, the “Wall of Sound”, is based on the idea of doubling and tripling the amount of players on a melody line to amplify fullness, and it had never been done before Spector innovated it. HBO Films has been in production for an original movie starring Al Pacino about the infamous Spector murder trials, and their team was in Studio A this March working on the soundtrack. The session was built around a source connect to Bratislava (the capitol of Slovakia) where an orchestra was waiting, ready to sync with the picture. Chris Fogel engineered on the project with assistant Vanessa Parr.

John Stamos and Bob Newhart at The Village

John Stamos

John Stamos

What do Bob Newhart and John Stamos have in common? Nothing! Well, they do share one common thread…they both worked at The Village this month! Best known for his accomplishments in comedy and well loved for his character roles, Bob Newhart is a living legend. After adapting a shtick he used to do with a friend into a stand up routine, Bob’s one‐sided phone conversations left the audience with the hilarious task of coming up with what the caller on the other end might be saying. His material was so successful that his comedy album, “The Button‐Down Mind of Bob Newhart” went straight to Number One on the charts, beating Elvis Presley! Bob Newhart was working on an audio book in Studio’s B and F with engineer Jeff Gartenbaum. As far as our favorite hunky uncle (Jesse) is concerned…life is good. After the hit sitcom Full House was canceled, Stamos went on to guest star on multiple shows such as Friends, Two and A Half Men, Glee and Law & Order. He then joined the cast of ER as intern “Tony Gates”. With a new show on FOX in the horizon, John Stamos is hard at work building up to the series premiere. He was in Studio J with engineer Brian Scheuble and assistant Steve Bone.

Casey Abrams’ Promising Future

Casey Abrams Wikimedia Commons

Casey Abrams performing on American Idol

Casey Abrams may not have been the winner of Season 10 on American Idol, but when you’re working with Steve Jordan, Don Was, Dean Parks and Concord Records…you probably don’t care. Casey is already on his way to a promising musical career at only 21 years of age. He attended Idyllwild Arts Academy in California for middle and high school, learning and performing the jazz that made him such a standout in the Idol competition. This month, he has been feverishly working on his first album in Studio D, joining the ranks of other legendary inhabitants such as Stevie Nicks, T Bone Burnett, Thomas Newman and Eric Clapton. We are sure to see great things from Casey Abrams in the coming year.

Image taken from Wikimedia commons: Casey abrahams’ flickr picture by mtanne

Weezer’s Rehearsals in the Village



Set to celebrate their 20th anniversary as a band next month, Weezer continues to make their mark on the music world. Since their first gig, opening for Keanu Reeve’s band, the guys have been continually creating songs that are both edgy and fun, while still maintaining a strong sense of musicality. They even reached cult status with the 1996 “Pinkerton” album that originally didn’t do so well. It ended up sparking the interest of Weezer lovers everywhere and was eventually included in a top 100 list of best 90’s songs. Rivers, Pat, Brian and Scott rocked Studio B this month, rehearsing for a week long Carnival Cruise from Miami to Cozumel in which they were the main event.

Image taken from Wikimedia commons: Weezer in concert, pic by James.

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