Pro Surfer Tom Curren Releases EP at Village Party

As if catching a wave wasn’t hard enough, pro surfer Tom Curren has decided to tackle another career: Being a singer/songwriter. Since the late 1970’s, Tom took on some of the world’s fiercest surf competitors and came out on top. Over the course of his career, he has been world champion 3 times and won more than 25 events worldwide. After retiring from the game in the mid nineties, Curren re-explored one of his passions and picked up his guitar again. He is also a skilled writer and has played drums and bass in the past, so taking the road towards professional musician was an easy transition. The Village was pleased to be his recording home for a few months, in addition to hosting his EP release party in our Auditorium. The title track “Summerland Road” has gained loads of attention since it’s debut and the EP is available now via itunes: Check out this video of the party at The Village!


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Do Yourself a Favor and Look for a Thomas Dybdahl Record

Thomas Dybdahl 's pic by Georges Seguin in Wikimedia Commons

Thomas Dybdahl

When you hear Thomas Dybdahl, you feel like you are the only person in the room; like he is singing, and playing, and speaking directly to you. Hailing from Sandnes, Norway this 33 year-old balladeer is making his musical mark, little by little, all over the world. To hear his work is to see a glimpse into his soul. The sound he has captured is extremely intimate and surreal, utilizing multiple styles with countless instruments. This month, Thomas was working in Studio D with famed producer/songwriter Larry Klein (Joni Mitchell,  Herbie Hancock, Tracy Chapman, Madeleine Peyroux) and will be taking the UK by storm in the coming year. Do yourself a favor and look for Thomas’ record the next time you go to a record store to find your new fix.

His website is cool…

Image: Thomas Dybdahl ‘s pic by Georges Seguin from wikimedia commons (2012)

There can only be one winner in any Battle of the Bands

College Battle of the Bands Logo

College Battle of the Bands Logo

There can only be one winner in any Battle of the Bands, so when college students went head to head in this famous competition, it was Raquel Rodriguez and her band that came out on top. What was the grand prize you may ask? How about a session at The Village with famed engineer and Grammy winner Andrew Scheps? Andrew has worked with Michael Jackson, Adele, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, U2 and Jay-Z (just to name a few) but this month, Raquel and her band were the lucky ones. After a 14- hour day in Studio B with Mr. Scheps and 2nd Jeff Gartenbaum, they probably came away with a pretty sweet souvenir. (Photo by Brian Petersen) Check out the website for more info, or if you think your band might have the chops to be next years’ winners! Check out the Battle of the Bands Website


The 2nd Law of Muse is their 6th

The muse logo

The muse logo

Fresh from the studio, Muse is back with a 6th album and plenty to share. Since 2010, Muse has won several awards, headlined multiple festivals, composed the official theme song for the 2012 summer Olympics and booked a gig at The Battersea Powerstation, which will be broadcast live in theatres around the UK. The band joined us this month for a “media blitz”, occupying Studios B, D and F to do interviews, respond to the press and announce the latest Muse news. Thankfully, we had Ghian Wright, Vanessa Parr and Jeff Gartenbaum to assist in the festival of PR.

Check out the Album trailer:

Check out the track listing (Album released on 10-1st-2012)

Panic Station
Follow Me
Big Freeze
Save Me
Liquid State
The 2nd Law: Unsustainable
The 2nd Law: Isolated System

Image: The muse logo from wikimedia commons (2012)

The Honeysuckle Blues of Honey Honey

After holding crowds harmonically hostage at SXSW, hypnotizing us with homespun hits and hogging our heartstrings, we have come to this conclusion: We have fallen in love with Honey Honey! Suzanne Santo and Ben Jaffe are tearin’ up the music world with their own signature brand of honeysuckle blues and folk-able laments, and if they keep it up, everyone’s gonna want a taste! Honey Honey hunkered down in Studio D with the amazing Ed Cherney (Bonnie Raitt, Bob Dylan, Elton John) and Alex Williams to lay down a few tracks before the “Ten Buck Tour” begins September 21st. The end result was delicious, and we hope to have the duo back soon.

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