Rascal Flatts Occupy The Village!




Rascal Flatts has been going strong since they signed their record deal with Lyric Street in 1999. Not only has the band released eight studio albums (seven of which were certified platinum or higher) but they have toured the globe to sold out crowds, risen to number one status on the Billboard Hot 100 in more than one category and raised/donated millions of dollars for the American Red Cross and Children’s Hospitals.  Needless to say, Rascal Flatts has been busy. So busy in fact that they needed to occupy three of our four main studios for a media day. The guys spent the morning holding interviews, speaking at press conferences and sitting in on radio shows from the comfort of The Village via ISDN as they gear up for their Christmas album and upcoming “Changed 2013” tour. Jared Nugent, Jeff Gartenbaum and Alex Williams were there to help in their respective studios.


Blue Sky Riders Prepare To Release Debut Album

Blue Sky Riders is a powerful trio made up of some of music’s brightest stars: Kenny Loggins, Gary Burr and Georgia Middleman. Since Kenny Loggins and Gary Burr met in 2008, they knew they had found something in each other. Loggins was quoted saying about Burr, “…when we sang together, we sounded like brothers. The last time I experienced that kind of blend was with Jimmy Messina in 1971.” The last piece of the puzzle was finding a third voice to add to the mix, and Middleman entered the picture. They have all earned their star in the music world whether it is through writing, performing or both and the creation of BSR has been met with rave reviews. The group was hunkered down in Studio F this month working on their first album, “Finally Home” which will be released in January 2013. Peter Asher (of Peter and Gordon) produced, Nathaniel Kunkel engineered and Vanessa Parr assisted.


Photo courtesy of newberryphoto.blogspot.com

Pro Surfer Tom Curren Releases EP at Village Party

As if catching a wave wasn’t hard enough, pro surfer Tom Curren has decided to tackle another career: Being a singer/songwriter. Since the late 1970’s, Tom took on some of the world’s fiercest surf competitors and came out on top. Over the course of his career, he has been world champion 3 times and won more than 25 events worldwide. After retiring from the game in the mid nineties, Curren re-explored one of his passions and picked up his guitar again. He is also a skilled writer and has played drums and bass in the past, so taking the road towards professional musician was an easy transition. The Village was pleased to be his recording home for a few months, in addition to hosting his EP release party in our Auditorium. The title track “Summerland Road” has gained loads of attention since it’s debut and the EP is available now via itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/summerland-road-ep/id567546636 Check out this video of the party at The Village!


Picture courtesy of seandavey.com