Andy Grammer and Colbie Caillat’s Intimate Set in Studio D

Making a huge splash this past year with his hit, “Keep Your Head Up”, Andy Grammer connected with the people by daring to be happy and real in a world full of cynics. Growing up in a musical family, Andy followed in his Grammy Award winning father’s footsteps and landed himself a top 5 song on the Adult Pop Radio charts with his first single. From serenading on the Santa Monica Promenade to playing an intimate set with the lovely Ms. Colbie Caillat in Studio D, Andy has beatthe odds and continues to impress. Ghian Wright engineered the live show hosted by S‐Curve Records while Eric Denniston assisted.

Don Rickles’ Audio Book in the Making

Don Rickles audio book

Don Rickles at the Tropicana in New Jersey

You may know him as “Mr. Warmth” or “The Merchant of Venom”, but whatever you call him, we all know that Don Rickles is the king of crushing comedy. Since the late 1940’s, Rickles has been harassing his hecklers, and they can’t get enough. Frank Sinatra enjoyed the jabs so much that he created audiences for this budding star that eventually lead to a headlining spot in Las Vegas. The Village had the honor of hosting Don Rickles in Studio F while he was recording an audio book set to release sometime next year. During the session, we were all reminded, once again, that nobody escapes the biting wit of Mr. Rickles when he called Jared Nugent, his engineer, “Jerry” and said “Good luck to you. I’ve never worked with a guy that’s deaf.” Better luck next time Jerry…I mean, Jared.

Image from wikimedia commons: originally posted to Flickr as Mr. Warmth” himself, the legendary Don Rickles, performs live on stage at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino, Atlantic City, New Jersey, 01/12/08

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