Krewella sets up shop in Studios E and F with Engineer, Alex Williams


Krewella has arrived.

Formed in Chicago in 2007, this electronic dance music group
has been creating together for years, but it was not until the success of their music
video “Killin’ It” in 2012 that their popularity grew and the fans followed. Jahan
Yousef, Yasmine Yousef and Rain Man make up the techno trio, traveling across
America and the world to play live and spin hard. One of their favorite LA haunts
is The Avalon in Hollywood, but they will be takin’ it to the streets this fall for their
Play Hard tour and the Stereosonic festival in Australia. In 2011, the festival sold out
in several major Australian cities and it is anticipated to have the same turn out this
year. Krewella set up shop in Studios E and F with Alex Williams this month for an
undisclosed project, but you can see what they’re up to right now on their Facebook

The Hunger Games Soundtrack Recording

The Hunger Games - Songs from District 12 and Beyond Cover

The Hunger Games – Songs from District 12 and Beyond Cover

From Nickelodeon screenwriter to International Bestselling author, Suzanne Collins has proved herself to be a force in the writing world. With a slew of awards including the California Young Reader medal and The Hunger Games movie set to premiere this March, she has much to be proud of. Suzanne began her writing career in Children’s television with shows like Clarissa Explains It All and Little Bear, but when she published The Hunger Games trilogy in 2008, she changed the face of the young adult novel. Elegantly written yet painfully real, The Hunger Games were aimed at a younger demographic intentionally to raise awareness about war and spark conversation amongst America’s youth. T Bone Burnett was at the helm for the film’s soundtrack, writing original music, collaborating with Grammy winning artists and musically producing for the much‐anticipated March premiere. Studio’s B and D acted as home base for the project with Jason Wormer and Mike Piersante engineering and Vanessa Parr assisting.

The Shins

The Shins: Originally a side project for James Mercer

The Shins

The Shins

Originally a side project for James Mercer, The Shins have blossomed into an alternative rock/pop experience unlike any other. Not only are the melodies infectious in the best way, but I challenge any listener to resist tapping their feet and Charlie Brown‐ing to 2011’s “Australia”. Before Flake Music (James’ first commercially successful group) disbanded, The Shins accidentally came together through the coinciding of Mercer writing new material and Flake fizzling out. Nowadays, fans have a new album to look forward to set to be released in mid‐ March, but for now, make sure you check out the hit single from this record, “Simple Song”. The Shins shared their surf rock in Studio B with engineer Shin Miyazawa (seriously, his name is Shin) and assistant Alex Williams for a KCSN broadcast with Nic Harcourt. Feb 28, 2012


John Stamos and Bob Newhart at The Village

John Stamos

John Stamos

What do Bob Newhart and John Stamos have in common? Nothing! Well, they do share one common thread…they both worked at The Village this month! Best known for his accomplishments in comedy and well loved for his character roles, Bob Newhart is a living legend. After adapting a shtick he used to do with a friend into a stand up routine, Bob’s one‐sided phone conversations left the audience with the hilarious task of coming up with what the caller on the other end might be saying. His material was so successful that his comedy album, “The Button‐Down Mind of Bob Newhart” went straight to Number One on the charts, beating Elvis Presley! Bob Newhart was working on an audio book in Studio’s B and F with engineer Jeff Gartenbaum. As far as our favorite hunky uncle (Jesse) is concerned…life is good. After the hit sitcom Full House was canceled, Stamos went on to guest star on multiple shows such as Friends, Two and A Half Men, Glee and Law & Order. He then joined the cast of ER as intern “Tony Gates”. With a new show on FOX in the horizon, John Stamos is hard at work building up to the series premiere. He was in Studio J with engineer Brian Scheuble and assistant Steve Bone.