Nick carter in toronto 2012

Nick Carter to Release Solo Album in Japan

Being the front man for one of the biggest selling pop groups of all time is life changing, but maintaining a wildly successful solo career is what really makes you a star. Nick Carter has been in the spotlight since the early 90’s acting in commercials, movies, and most notably performing with the Backstreet Boys. Recently, he has been in Studio F working on a new solo album which hits Japan next month followed by a U.S. release in May. Chris Owens engineered while Jared Nugent assisted.

Image taken by Googoogajoob123: Nick Carter in Concert in Toronto from wikimedia commons 2012.

“The Rolling Stones from Russia”: Mumiy Troll

Mumiy Troll

Ilia Lagutenko: Vocals

Often referred to as “The Rolling Stones of Russia”, Mumiy Troll is rapidly grabbing the attention of American audiences. The band is considered one of the most popular acts in their homeland and has been given credit for starting a whole new rock/pop sound, due in part to lead singer Ilya Lagutenko. He has been praised for his captivating stage presence and quirky lyrics, and even after taking a hiatus to serve in the Soviet Army, the band’s international popularity has never faltered. Mumiy Troll was in Studio F this month working with famed engineer Mike Clink, recording an album in English. Release date is yet to be announced.

Working With The Cast of Glee

Glee title card

Glee title card

Another popular TV show set up shop at The Village this January. The cast of “Glee” was hard at work in Studios B and F recording vocals with engineer Deyder Cintron. Nelson Lugo and Ghian Wright assisted. It takes a keen ear and a skilled hand to perfect the McKinley High Schoolers’ signature sound, but after seeing the latest episodes of “Glee” on Fox, it sounds like their hard work paid off.

Image: Glee tv series title card, from wikimedia commons 2012.

beverly hills 90210 wikimedia commons

The Village Hosted the Beverly Hills 90210 Crew

Every high school has its fair share of drama, but nobody can top the kids at West Beverly High. This fictional institution is where the main action takes place on the all-new and improved version of “90210”. Originally airing in 1990, “Beverly Hills, 90210” was created by Darren Star and helped shape the television trends of that time. Today its fan base holds just as strong, all in the taste of a new generation of youth. This month, The Village hosted the crew as they worked on music for the show in Studio A with Chris Owens engineering.

Image taken by Jim Henderson in 2008, from wikimedia commons 2012. 

Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa Worked it in December @ The Village

Beth Hart

Beth Hart

After winning the grand prize on Star Search in 1993, Beth Hart’s career began to take flight. She went on to be the lead in an off Broadway musical, record with icons like Les Paul and Slash and more importantly, earn the respect of the great blues/rockers that came before her.

Joe Bonamassa

Joe Bonamassa



Joe Bonamassa has also had his fair share of notoriety, opening for BB King at the age of 12 and later founding the group Bloodline with Berry Oakley, Erin Davis, and Waylon Krieger. This December, Hart and Bonamassa teamed up with famed engineer Kevin Shirley in Studio D.

Beth Hart pic by Bamble kommune @ Wikimedia commons (2012)
Joe Bonamassa’s pic by Scortiaus at en.wikipedia (2012)

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