Talented Melody Gardot Makes Music at The Village

Melody Gardot at the village

Melody Gardot, Berlin 2010

Melody Gardot is truly unique. Known for her accomplishments as a singer/songwriter, she also happens to be a Macrobiotic cook, a Buddhist, a fashionista and an advocate for the benefits of music therapy. Melody began writing her own music after a severe accident in 2003 left her hospitalized for a year, but after recovering and playing a gig in Philadelphia in 2005, she was discovered and her career as a singer took off. Ms. Gardot was hard at work in Studio D for several weeks with producer Heitor Pereira, engineer Moogie Canazio, and assistant Scott Smith.

Image from wikimedia commons: Melody Gardot live at the Admiralspalast in Berlin September 2010. Pic taken by Stefanie Meynberg.

Leslie Feist Plays at The Village

Leslie Feist

Leslie Feist @ San Francisco

Leslie Feist, known just as ‘Feist’ to her fans, has been rocking the masses since the 90’s. Not only does she have a wildly successful solo career, but her involvement in the band Broken Social Scene has garnered positive attention all through the indie music world and they have even been called a “super group”. This month, The Starbucks Digital Network in partnership with Yahoo asked Feist to perform a live set in Studio, and The Village was proud to host this event in our own Studio D. The session went without a hitch, thanks in part to producer Ian Dittbrenner, engineer Ghian Wright and assistant Nelson Lugo.

Check out the Rolling Stone Review of the concert.



“We Bought a Zoo”: A Score By Cameron Crowe and Jón Þór “Jónsi” Birgisson

We bought a zoo soundtrack cover

We Bought a Zoo’s Soundtrack Cover

Most people use their life savings to travel, retire, or start their own business but columnist Benjamin Mee used his to buy a zoo. Benjamin’s memoir, illustrating a family’s decision to buy and restore a down-and-out zoo in the English countryside, was so compelling that 20th Century Fox decided to adapt it and make a movie. Starring Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson, ‘We Bought A Zoo’ will be in theatres starting December 23rd of this year. Directed by award winning director Cameron Crowe and the score composed by Sigur Ros front man Jón Þór “Jónsi” Birgisson, peaks the interest of critics and fans alike. Joel Iwataki engineered the project in Studio D and Shinnosuke Miyazawa assisted.

Watch the “We Bought a Zoo” Trailer

The Tunes of The Bubble Guppies

Nickelodeon's bubble guppies

Nickelodeon’s Bubble Guppies

Bubble Guppies, a new Nickelodeon series for preschoolers, burst onto the scene with “wave” reviews this past January 24th. Focusing on any and every topic a kid might ponder, the animated, underwater show teaches important lessons while delighting the senses with color, graphics and original pop music. These clever tunes provide an educational soundtrack for the show, and little guppies everywhere will be singing along to the catchy hooks. Scott Smith engineered on the session in Studio B.

Image from Nickelodeon’s Bubble Guppies (2011)

Californication (The TV Series S5 Ep2) Recording with David Duchovny

David Duchovny @ The Golden Globe Awards 2009

David Duchovny @ The Golden Globe Awards 2009

The only thing harder than raising a teenage girl is dealing with an addiction to drugs…and sex. No one knows this better than ‘Californication’ character, Hank Moody, a tortured novelist with an insatiable appetite for the ladies. The Village was thrilled to welcome the cast and crew of the hit show while acting as location for an upcoming episode. Keep your eyes out for David Duchovny working in Studio D on episode 2 of the 5th season. Ravel Boynton assisted on the shoot.

Image taken from wikimedia commons: Uploaded by Tabercil

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