Limp Bizkit’s Gold Cobra Project


A Limp Bizkit Stage During 2009 Unicorns n’ Rainbows Tour

Jacksonville natives Fred Durst and the rest of the Limp Bizkit band members were hard at work in Studio A this month with engineer Dave Schiffman and assistant Scott Smith. Rumor has it they are perfecting the soon to be released, “Gold Cobra” record: the first in an anticipated 2-album project, said to be released by Interscope next month.

Limp Bizkit | Golden Cobra (Official Video HD) from heartachegram on Vimeo.

 Image taken by cgo2 from Paris, France @ Wikimedia commons

Marty Friedman Going Solo

Lukather and Marty Friedman

Lukather and Marty Friedman

For almost ten years, Marty Friedman owned the stage as lead guitarist for legendary metal band Megadeth, earning him notoriety, respect, and the ultimate street cred amongst his contemporaries. Since then he has immersed himself in Japanese culture, taking up residency in Tokyo, speaking the language fluently and co-starring in many Japanese TV programs. In recent months though, he has journeyed back to the states to embark on a solo project with engineer Steve Hardy. The two worked between Studios B and F with assistant Nelson Lugo on what is sure to be an epic record with all of the unconventional sounds and styles we all expect from the one and only, Marty Friedman.


Honored to Have DeVotchKa Performing Live @ Studio A

DeVotchKaAs surprising as it may be that such heavily laden Romani/Mariachi/Greek fusion music could come from just a little place like Denver, Colorado, indie rock group DeVotchKa has certainly done it right. Since the late 90’s, DeVotchKa (Russian for “girl”) has been more of a supporting act, backing Burlesque shows and touring with household names such as Dita Von Teese. However in 2006, placement on the soundtrack to “Little Miss Sunshine” left them uncovered and exposed for the world to see, showcasing unmatched musicianship and strong lyrical flair amongst the entire band. Since then, the group has composed scores for several television shows and movies in addition to being nominated for a Grammy award. In conjunction with World Café, we were honored to have DeVotchKa perform live in Studio A with Ghian Wright engineering and Ravel Boynton assisting.

Check them out, they’re awesome!