“Stand Up” to Sugarland

Ever since they hit the music scene in 2004, country duo Sugarland has been speedily gaining fans due to their beautiful vocals, moving lyrics and unparalleled melodies. The group was asked to sing their new song “Stand Up” as a tribute on the “CNN Heroes” special which aired Thanksgiving night. Producer/engineer Chip Matthews mixed the song with assistant Nelson Lugo in Studio B.

Underworld Rocked the Airwaves on Morning Becomes Eclectic

Underworld Live @ The Village - KCRW Eclectic Morning

Underworld Live @ The Village – KCRW Eclectic Morning

On November 1st, Studio A was occupied by British electro band, Underworld who rocked the airwaves on Morning Becomes Eclectic. In addition to welcoming the usual array of talented indie bands brought to us by KCRW, listeners were treated to a live performance from Joe Frank in Studio D. This American radio icon is best known for his zany, philosophical monologues and musings, but Joe’s first paying job was with NPR’s “All Things Considered”. He then relocated to the West Coast in 1986 to begin, “Joe Frank: Work in Progress”. Fans and familiars alike were touched by this sold out performance hosted by KCRW.

Music Gets Personal with The Live Buzz (Today Pure Volume)

This month, The Village had the pleasure of hosting over 6 sessions with “The Live Buzz”, a newly launched music video site through Buzz Media. Nic Harcourt, formerly of KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic, joined forces with Buzz to breathe new life into the way music lovers watch internet videos. When asked how Live Buzz is different than similar sites, Harcourt says, “we’re getting up close in personal in the way we’re shooting sessions. You’re feeling like you’re closer to the music, and I haven’t felt that in anything that I’ve seen before.” In November alone, Buzz recorded and documented performances by Darker My Love, Starz, Banda De Touristas, Sean Lennon, Bear Hands and Black Angels in various studios around The Village. We are looking forward to many more.

Visit the Live Buzz site here (today Pure Volume): http://www.purevolume.com/


The Morning Becomes Eclectic With The Scissor Sisters

KCRW and the Morning Becomes Eclectic team was back this month with the flamboyantly lovable Scissor Sisters for a live set and interview. The 5 band mates rocked out proper in Studio D, with a sound harkening back to a simpler time of Lucite platforms encasing live goldfish and body waves that even Farrah Fawcett would envy. If you ever had the desire to fight “Fire with Fire”, then the Scissor Sisters’ newest album, Night Work might be your next itunes purchase.

Just Go With It This Valentines Day

Just Go With It Poster

Just Go With It Poster

Set to release in 2011, romantic comedy Just Go With It, will be hitting the theatres just in time for Valentines Day. Starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston, the film tells the story of a man who, in trying to land his dream girl, finds that he needs to help of a woman and her kids. With an all star cast including Nicole Kidman, Kevin Nealon and Dave Matthews, Just Go With It (formerly called, Pretend Wife) Is sure to warm even the iciest heart this February. Christian Davis produced the piece as Frank Wolf engineered and Ghian Wright assisted.

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