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The Recording Industry Poker Tournament and KMD Productions’ 2nd Annual Showdown

The RIPT, otherwise known as The Recording Industry Poker Tournament, set up shop in the auditorium for their 2nd annual showdown on August 1st. Tournament organizers, Dave Reitzas and KMD Productions put on a fabulous event complete with tons of hot prizes and celebrity guests. The money raised went towards […]

This Month A Fistful of Mercy

This month, Joseph Arthur, Dhani Harrison and Ben Harper revealed what they have been working on through a private show hosted by KCRW. The guys have named the project, Fistful of Mercy and fans of each of the singer/songwriters are anxious to hear what they come up with next. This […]

Steve Martin, a Banjo and The Dixie Chicks

Steve Martin, a Banjo and The Dixie Chicks

Whether it’s making us laugh on the legendary stages of SNL, drawing us into the pages of his vast literary accomplishments, or proving his well-honed acting chops, Steve Martin continues to display a passion unlike anyone else and an amazing drive to create. These days, Martin has perfected his banjo […]