Recorded at The Village – Almost Famous: Soundtrack

AHThe intersection of rock n’ roll culture and Hollywood can make for a particularly dynamic pairing (and occasionally leave us with a killer soundtrack!) Cult favorite “Almost Famous” is one such film. The story – centering around a teenage writer for Rolling Stone – provided the perfect backdrop for an eclectic mix of songs. In fact – the Grammy award winning soundtrack has held up remarkably well in the almost (13!?) years since the films debut.

So how does The Village factor into the Cameron Crowe helmed film? Several of the songs featured on the award winning soundtrack were recorded right here at The Village! Specifically – America, Sparks, It Wouldn’t Have Made Any Difference, Feel Flows and Fever Dog were all recorded right here in the studios. Making the release even more special to us – Village staple Nancy Wilson (Heart) worked extensively on the films music (including the films main theme)!

If you have never seen the film – get your hands on a copy and check it out over the weekend! At the very least – crank the soundtrack to create the perfect nostalgic vibe!