Al Gore At The Village


Al Gore The Future

Calling Al Gore a remarkable human being would be an understatement. Not
only did this Harvard grad serve his Country as the 45th Vice President of the
United States, but he has authored several books and essays, founded numerous
environmental non-profits, become partner of a venture capital firm and won a
Primetime Emmy Award, a Grammy award and (no big deal), a Nobel Peace Prize.

Al Gore and Barack Obama

Born and raised in Washington D.C, Gore and his family were steeped in politics and
academics from the start. His mother and father are equally as impressive as their
son; Pauline LaFon Gore was one of the first women to graduate from Vanderbilt
University Law School and Albert Gore Sr. served as the U.S senator for Tennessee.
Former Vice President Gore visited The Village this month to record an audio book,
details to come, and we were more than honored to have him in our Studio A with
Ghian Wright.

Al Gore and Andy Keathley

Al Gore and Andy Keathley